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Pipeline Equipment BuildingAt Pipeline Equipment, Inc. this is more than just a slogan; it's our founding principle. After spending more than 25 years in the Oil & Gas Industry, our founder set out to build a company with integrity and a dedication to quality and customer service.

Pipeline Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1995 in a small facility in northeastern Oklahoma. With two employess and two welding machines, we began building launchers and receivers for mostly local customers.

We currently have four divisions to meet the needs of our growing global customer base.

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The Fabrication Division of Pipeline Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1995. The company fabricates liquid and gas measurement, launchers and receivers, valve settings. PEI also fabricates custom equipment per customer specifications as well as engineering and startup assistance.

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The Extrusion Division of Pipeline Equipment, Inc. (formerly SISCO Specialty Products) is one of only a few companies in the U.S. with the capacity and experience to produce single and multiple outlet headers utilizing the closed-die forming process. The company was founded in 1997 and has more than 40 years of managerial experience in extruded headers.

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The Machine Division of Pipeline Equipment, Inc. has the equipment, capacity and expertise to provide custom machined products to support your fabrication and manufacturing needs. The Machine Division is a full-service shop with over ten years experience in providing custom machined products including the patent pending TWINLOCK Quick Opening Closure.

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The most recent addition to the stable of Pipeline Equipment companies is PEI Industrial Coating, LLC. This recently acquired company along with providing sand blasting, painting and coating support to the other PEI Divisions provides those same services to other area manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

Launchers & Receivers

Pipeline Launchers & Recievers

Pipeline Equipment, Inc. has decades of design and fabrication experience in Pig Launcher and Receiver systems. We offer many configurations including horizontal, vertical, or sloped which can be just the simple launcher and receiver or the complete skid mounted unit with all valves and associated piping. Each configuration is designed to meet your specific application in compliance with the applicable codes and material specifications.

Most pipelines must be pigged to either clean the pipeline for flow improvement and corrosion control, batch different grades of products, displace certain products, or inspect the line for integrity assurance. The primary purpose of a pig launcher and receiver is to allow the launching or receiving of a pipeline pig without interruption of flow.

Pipeline Equipment Launchers & Receivers


Pipeline Equipment Automation PhotoIn addition to standard units with manual controls, PEI also provides automated units which lessens manpower, valve maintenance, gas releases, and HSE concerns. For rich wet gas systems that require routine pigging to increase production and remove valuable liquids, PEI offers the Automatic Spherical Pig System:

Liquid or gas systems may be remotely located (onshore/offshore) and have the same need to routinely launch a cleaning/batching/displacement pig. PEI offers Automated Pig Systems that are either vertical, sloped, or horizontal dependent on the application. Our Automated Control Systems utilize a PLC with an HMI furnished in a Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof housing or Class 1 Division 2 housing mounted in an easily accessible area on the launcher skid.

The automated system controls launch pins and/or valves. It monitors valve and pin position, pig launches, pig indicator actuation, and reports any errors should they occur. It also helps eliminate operator error during the pig launching and receiving cycles.


Pipeline Equipment Pigs Photos


Spherical Pigs

An inflatable sphere for automated or manual systems to remove liquids from natural gas lines.

Multi-seal Pigs

Multi-cup pigs from batching, displacement and light cleaning applications.

Tuff Cast Pigs

All urethane single cast pig for batching, displacement and light cleaning applications.


Re-buildable metal modied pigs equipped with disc front and rear for bidirectional travel applications.

Conical Flex Pigs

Re-buildable metal body pigs offered in multiple configurations for batching, displacement and heavy cleaning applications.


Pipeline Equipment TwinLock Quick Opening Closure PhotoQuick Opening

Pipeline Equipment, Inc. has designed and developed a quick opening closure. This innovative, patented closure system is safe and easy to operate and may be used in a broad range of applications. With more than 15 years of engineering, design and machining experience Pipeline Equipment, Inc. provides closures to meet customer specifications and achieve quick deliveries.

Easy to Operate

Operation of the closure can be accomplished by one person without the use of tools. The integration of the locking segments, locking mechanism and door handle into the door provides a compact and efficient design. To open the door, the handle requires only a quarter turn, which moves the locking segments from their stowed position. The internal components of the locking mechanism are protected by a weather seal and are stainless or plated to protect them from rust and corrosion. The a-ring groove is machined into the door with the hub a-ring seat area recessed to protect the seat during pig launching and receiving. This configuration assures a positive seal when the door is closed and locked.

Integrated Twin Locks

The safe operation of the closure is ensured by a redundant design in which the closure cannot be opened without the removal of the pressure alert valve and the movement of the safety lock. The pressure alert valve also provides the operator an indication of the presence of any residual pressure in the vessel should the operator inadvertently attempt to open the closure prior to all pressure on the vessel being relieved. Additionally, the safety lock mechanism prevents the door handle from being moved to the open position until after the pressure alert valve has been safely removed. The safety lock must also be returned to the locked position in order for the pressure alert valve to be installed.

Pipeline Equipment MeasurementMeasurement

Pipeline Equipment, Inc. designs and fabricates liquid and gas measurement equipment to customer specifications and to all applicable codes. PEI will fabricate using ultrasonic meters, turbine meters, positive displacement meters, coriolis meters, single or dual chamber orifice fittings, or any equipment required to assure the precise measurement of your product. From single meter tubes to complete, skid-mounted systems with buildings and all necessary instrumentation, PEI will provide quality equipment that meets your requirements.

Pipeline Equipment Valve SettingsValve Settings

Transmission pipelines require mainline valves located at key positions for isolation, section vent or drain, and equalization purposes. These are referred to as valve settings. Each valve setting includes a mainline for shutoff, a smaller by-pass line to equalize pressure or fill connecting sections, and a vent and/or section drain down line. PEI provides prefabricated valve settings to reduce field installation time. PEI provides complete valve settings fabricated to your specification and dimensions, coated and ready for field installation.

Pipeline Equipment CoatingCoating

PEI Industrial Coating provides sandblasting, painting and coating support to the other PEI Divisions and to other area manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

This facility features more than 30,000 sqft with expanded heavy lifting capabilities, climate controlled paint spaces and an independent sandblast structure. We can spray both single and multi component coating products as well as 100% epoxy plural component. We have experience in above and below ground coating with internal and external applications. PEI Industrial Coating employs an experienced NACE Certified Coating Inspector. PEI Industrial Coating has the facilities, equipment and experience to meet your coating requirements and specifications.

Pipeline Equipment ExtrusionExtrusion

The Extrusion Division of Pipeline Equipment, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the U.S. with the capacity and experience to produce single and multiple outlet headers utilizing the closed-die forming process. The company was founded in 1997 and has more than 50 years of managerial experience in extruded headers.

Extrusions can be manufactured in a wide variety of carbon, stainless, nickel, chrome-nickel alloys and many other ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Extrusions provide butt-weld joints that are easily radiographed and save fit-up and welding time.

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