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The Extrusion Division of Pipeline Equipment, Inc. is one of only a few companies in the U.S. with the capacity and experience to produce single and multiple outlet headers utilizing the closed-die forming process. The company was founded in 1997 and has more than 50 years of managerial experience in extruded headers.

Extrusions can be manufactured in a wide variety of carbon, stainless, nickel, chrome-nickel alloys and many other ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Extrusions provide butt-weld joints that are easily radiographed and save fit-up and welding time.


The external die restrains the header pipe and controls the outside diameter of the outlet, while the precise inside diameter and wall thickness are determined by the punch. The punch extrudes or pulls the base metal through the die by means of a proprietary hydraulic process. Depending upon the header material, the outlets may be cold or hot-formed. The closed die manufacturing process is applicable to a broad range of materials, outlet sizes and wall thickness and provides flexibility in outlet applications.

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Outlet configuration and location, material selection, and varied industrial applications are all a part of the flexibility provided by extrusions. Utilizing extrusions in the design process reduces erosion, pressure drops and stress concentration. Extrusions can be produced to meet the code requirements of pipeline and gas transmission, chemical manufacturing and power generation applications.


Outlet tolerances can be closely produced and maintained. Extrusions eliminate the need for reinforcement pads, provide butt-welded joints and allow complete radiographic inspection.


Extruded outlets save fabrication costs by reducing fit-up, welding and inspection time and are more durable than stub-in branch construction.


Extruded headers have a longer lifespan due to less erosion wear and a lower repair cost than conventionally constructed headers. Additionally, extrusions reduce maintenance costs due to their durability and corresponding reduction in lost production time.


Saddles are crafted to meet your design requirements for pipe and pressure vessel fabrication. Reinforcing and full encirclement saddles can be manufactured for nozzle sizes 2" and larger and skirt sizes through 48". Additionally, we can provide reinforcement for pressure vessel heads and pipe caps. Saddles can be manufactured to meet your required thickness and yield. 

Pipeline Saddles Tulsa, Oklahoma

Drum Drilling

The coal and gas fired power industry requires multiple outlets on their steam drums. These steam drum outlet requirements are generally met by drilling a hole into the drum and stubbing in and welding the pipe for branch connection. The Extrusion Division has the equipment, knowledge and experience to meet the customer’s drilling requirements for drums of varied diameter and wall thickness with either plain or grooved holes.

Pipeline Drum Drilling Tulsa, Oklahoma